Industries in Toyama cultivated in the rich land blessed with the sea, mountains, rivers and plains

Industries in Toyama cultivated by the rich nature and traditions

Facing the Sea of Japan to the north and surrounded by the Tateyama Mountain Range to the south, Toyama is rich in nature and various seasonal products are produced throughout the year. This has made it possible for the food processing industry, including marine food processing, to thrive here. And, due to the short distance from the mountains to the sea, many rivers are short and flowing fast in Toyama. With abundant electricity generated by hydraulic power, material industry including steel, chemicals and aluminum were developed. In recent years, companies of advanced technologies such as mechatronics have also flourished.

Birth of the modern industry in Toyama goes back to the reign of Masatoshi Maeda, the 2nd lord of the Toyama domain (1649 - 1706). He ordered the production of a traditional pill Hangontan and made drug vendors sell it across Japan. The drug vendors who became wealthy through medicine merchandise established pharmaceutical companies in the Meiji Era and started the manufacture of chemical drugs the earliest in Japan in addition to oriental drugs which were mainstream medicine in those days. Their pioneering mind has been passed on to this day. Now, many pharmaceutical companies are manufacturing not only home medicine but also OTC drugs and industrial chemicals. Based on the tradition of drug manufacturing, biotechnology R&D are also active.

Some drug vendors entered the electricity and finance industries, which formed the foundation for industrial development in the early days. Companies such as textile, paper manufacturing, publishing, printing, transport, and fishery were established one after another. The foundation for modern industry was formed by drug vendors' capitals.

Based on the rich nature and the technologies and wealth gained through drug manufacturing, unique industries have been developed here.

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